Join successful managerial personalities – enter the competition for the best managers!

The MANAGER OF THE YEAR competition of the Czech Management Association and partners is intended for managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Searches for, evaluates, appreciates and promotes the best personalities in the Czech Republic. It makes visible the winners, but also all the finalists who were shortlisted. The MANAGER OF THE YEAR competition has been presenting the results of manager´s work and theirs modern, successful management methods. During that time, it has received the title of Manager of the Year 63 personalities; 1,700 successful managers advanced to the finals. This 28th. year emphasizes the onset digital technologies and modern trends in management and offers new categories.

Benefits for participants of the competition

  • Comparing with the best managers in the Czech Republic
  • Benchmarking experts
  • Promoting, visibility of the winners and all finalists
  • Networking
  • Participation in the gala evening announcing the winners


  • Nominations: until April 1, 2022
  • Applications: until April 15, 2022
  • Deadline for personal presentations: May 10 and 11, 2022
  • Award ceremony: SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Who can take part in the competition?

  1. Manager working in an organization registered for the activity in the CR.
  2. The manager does not have to be a citizen of the Czech Republic.
  3. A manager who performs the function in the Czech Republic for at least 3 years. The exceptions are category Young managerial talent (up to 35 years), Visionary, SME manager and Manager of the digital age, where the participant of the competition only needs 2 years of working in a managerial position.

Another prerequisite for entering the competition

The application contains an obligation to pay the entry fee of CZK 15,000 with VAT. The exception is categories Young managerial talent (up to 35 years), where the deposit is CZK 5,000 with VAT.

What is the entry fee for:

  • the entry of the manager and partner to the gala evening of the announcement of the competition results;
  • to create benchmarking from experts;
  • to create video medallions of all finalists;
  • to promote the winners and finalists of the competition, their companies and organizations, incl. printed color brochures / magazines listing all finalists of the competition;
  • to promote the finalists on websites and social networks (FB, LI) and to record interviews with the winners of the categories and TOP 10 for Studio ČMA (You Tube, Spotify);
  • for long-term cooperation with media partners.

How to sign on the competition

  1. By filling out the application at manazerroku.cz and submitting / sending to the office ČMA at: Václavské náměstí 21/831, 113 60 Praha 1 or to e-mail: gajdos@cma.cz
  2. Through nomination

The manager can be nominated for the competition by legal or individual person, through nomination form at www.manazerroku.cz or by delivering the nomination form to the office ČMA to the address: Václavské nám. 21/831, 113 60 Praha 1 or by e-mail to: gajdos@cma.cz.

It is important to state that nominator personally discuss nomination with the candidate and that the nominee agrees.

The ČMA project office will check the accuracy of the data and contact the nominee manager and verify his approval of the nomination. Then we send him an application

Awarded categories

  1. Digital age manager
  2. Visionary
  3. Manager of small and medium enterprise
  4. Foreign manager
  5. Young managerial talent (up to 35 years)
  6. Industry and related fields (transport, construction)
  7. Agriculture
  8. Services
  9. Non-profit sector (including culture, sports, healthcare)
  10. Public administration (state administration and self-government)

Who will receive the award

  • Manager of the Year (man and woman)
  • TOP10 managers
  • Winners of individual categories
  • Winners of special categories – Innovation for sustainable development

The professional guarantor and announcer of the innovation category is the Czech Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD), a sister organization of the Czech Management Association. In the category media partner awards are cooperating media partners of the 28th year of MR.

Finalist evaluation system

It is based on 4 quadrants of the Hoshin Kanri method, combined with the EFQM criteria and it is stated in the application.

Method of evaluation of competition participants

  • The guarantor of the evaluation is an “Expert Evaluation Commission” composed of experts (overview of www.manazerroku.cz)
  • The final order is co-decided by the National Commission composed of the announcers of the competition, experts, partners, and previous winners.
  • The TOP 15 finalists who receive the highest number of points from the Evaluation Committee will be invited to a personal presentation. Each of the proposed TOP 15 managers will present their own managerial story. Then there will be a discussion based on the presentations.
  • The evaluation and National Commission will then select the competition by secret ballot of the winner.



Ing. Ivo Gajdoš
contact for applications, nominations and partners
mobile: 602 446 699
e-mail: gajdos@cma.cz

Bc. Kateřina Nováková
project manager
mobile: 608 943 936
e-mail: novakova@cma.cz